The reason why world government let the yonkos roam free on the new world.

The reason why world government let the Yonko roam free on the new world.

The Yonko are roaming free in the in the new world, why don’t the world government do something about?

Yeah, I know what your thinking, that the yonko are strong but we were given a hit on the admirals’ power, I mean the hit we have given in white beard war and in punk hard. It just proves to us that admirals are in the Yonko level. They can take down a yonko if they wanted to, but why?

And why the world government doesn’t try to take down such big-time pirates?

Well, don’t be confused about the balance of power. This also come to the reason, why does a powerful force like world government allies with a bunch of pirates (Seven warlords). We know that the seven warlords are not even close to the level of yonko but they say is a balance of power.
The answer is simple. The world government is scared and they don’t want anyone to find out about the treasure of one piece, in fact, they don’t want anyone to find the truth about what happened 800 years ago.

They forbid anyone to study the Poneglyphs, second, why the road Poneglyphs are in the territory of yonko Big mom and Kaido.

Third and important fact, The yonko are ruling the new world but the world government still kept an eye on them to make sure they do not meet. why? Even all four yonko teaming up, I don’t think they are able to take down world government but why they still bother if they meet or not? As I said, The road Poneglyphs are in the yonko territory, since people fear yonko no one will dare to step in their territory, is the same with the seven world. They are not strong but Dogs that’s guards the paths to the truth or anyone who will dare to go and seek one piece.

The seven warlords are guarding the first grand line while yonko are guarding second grand line what we call it the new world.

That’s why a yonko or seven warlords can take a country and world government will not do anything, Diflamingo did it, Kaido is doing it, Big mom is doing it, well, Crocodile tried but failed, ( sorry, Crocodile, you’re still my favorite in one piece’s character)

The world government does care what happens to people, all they want is to keep the truth hidden from the world, so they will continue to rein the world

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